Top UK Real Estate Investments

The U.K. can be an excellent place for one to invest their money in real estate; it is a very profitable market with rental being expensive in a lot of locations. However, one should choose their area wisely in terms of rent and appreciation. Here are the top U.K. real estate investments:

Houses for university students
If you are looking to rent property in the U.K. university students are an excellent way to go. They will need fairly cheap accommodation for most of the year making sure that you will be getting rental. This is a fairly safe real estate investment because you are targeting a market that desperately needs good accommodation. The location will have to be rather close to the campus so they will pick yours over other properties that are far away.

Auction Houses
Many people purchase houses from a real estate advisor, however going to an auction house can work out much cheaper for you. In addition you will see interesting property that has variation. Make sure to check beforehand what the auction house is selling and visit these houses to see if there is any damage. The excellent idea about purchasing from auction houses is you can purchase a property that not many want to renovate, start renovating it yourself and with the necessary contractors selling it for a much higher price. It is much easier to purchase a finished home rather than an unfinished one so these usually sell better in the market as those purchasing a home do not want to renovate it as well.

Large Country Houses
There are many houses in the country including historic houses that you can purchase; they may be castles or small manors. Depending on the location they vary greatly in price from fairly cheap to very expensive. Purchasing one of these homes means you may well have to renovate it. However instead of selling it you can turn it into small sets of accommodations. Or hire it out to artists as a gallery, have tours and weddings there. It is a very lucrative business but it does require hard work and dedication.

Small to medium sized flats
There are always potential renters on the market looking for a flat that is of a good size and that they can rent. Always choose a target market first, whether it is first time buyers or a small family. After choose a location that is appropriate for the buyer. This can offer you a good steady income especially if you get tenants who are looking to stay for the long term.