Traffic Laws that should Exist

We often find ourselves wondering why we are the only single person on the road who knows how to drive. The question arises, “How did they ever pass their license test?” However, sadly enough, at one point or another someone has asked that same question about you. There are countless numbers of laws on the books regarding driving. Some are excellent; others are absolutely pointless. But there are several laws that should be on the books that do not exist at all. Here are just a few that would make the driving experience a little bit more pleasant for all of us.

It’s called the slow lane, not the stop then turn lane. If your light is green, do your best to keep it moving. Granted, it’s going to be a little bit slower because you have to slow down a bit to turn, but coming to a full stop on a green before you turn (for no valid reason) is confusing and frustrating for drivers behind you. Additionally you’re adding to traffic congestion. There is a law against unsafe lane changes, but technically no law requiring you to always use your blinker (at least in my state).

 Use it! You do not own the road. You cannot always see every car. Other cars cannot always anticipate your every move. Slamming on your brakes because a child ran out in front of your car is a valid reason to slam your brakes. Slamming on your brakes just because you feel like it isn’t a valid reason and should be outlawed. It is not only likely to cause an accident but it would also be the person in the rear’s fault.

 Large items being transported by vehicle should be properly secured. It’s not just a matter of whether the item actually falls off of your vehicle or not. When a large item appears to be unsecure, it scares every driver around you and impairs their driving, therefore making the road less safe. The law finally caught up to technology with cellular phone bans in many states. However, the problem of distracted driving remains. Getting dressed, putting on make-up, flossing teeth, and tweezing eyebrows are just a few activities that should be on the list of activities that should lead to a nice little ticket. If you are too busy looking at yourself in the mirror, that means you are not busy enough looking at the road.