Transformation of Low us Savings Rate

A pervasive global structure of interwoven networks owned by a minority of the planet with concentrated wealth lay beyond an infinity of facades storefront in America-these names on every main street and at most freeway on and off ramps are just one aspect of the Wall Street ‘stablished infrastructure of effluence sucking every available coin, dollar and credit card potential to charge or give up money from each American citizen. Since the 1950’s thousands of corporations often globally based like a Babylon the Great with her feet upon many national shores has arisen taking the loose change of every citizen; and nothing can be done about it now without refounding the national economy upon a new foundation of ecological economic principles of virtually complete resource renewability in which every citizen has a potential to keep and save a plurality of his or her earnings annually.

:Long ago in the American past-the 1950’s will do- Americans had few electronic interties capable of directly taking one’s money. Just the major credit cards existed to disrupt the private pursuit of private interests even though Americans did purchase major items from national corporations and outsource local capital to distant corporations in the Midwest and east usually. Today Americans are swamped in interlocking snairs of financial requisite spending and sending of money to global corporations that keep the majority of income and redistribute it to the minority concentrating wealth. Artificial necessary expenses comprise a continuum of spending and spending for Americans; gasoline from abroad along with a majority of foreign produced automobiles, power corporations globally owned by supplying electricity to homes-even water and sewer providers may be corporate entities of evil concentrations of wealth draining cash from consumer pockets and returning nothing but temporary and disposable services.

If one does a rough systems analytical deliberations generally upon the state of the U.S. economy it is easy to conclude that Americans spend and send through global outlets far more than they receive locally. Consumers are losing wealth rather than building it. Mortgages are set for 30 years yet many loise out-few build their own homes and provide their own electricity from solar, wind or fuel cells, few refuse to buy a non-electric car powered by home-made power. I think it would be laughable for some today to wear home-made clothes. Americans are coerced top spend and send money abroad even to buy ice-cream or food. Few enough have gardens yet they have splendid front lawns commonly that is used for nothing besides display-what community could not pass an ordinance to allow lawn gardening and produce vegetables and fruits for the table or for those of homeless shelters? Jobs could be created by safe drivers operating electric go-carts who would be civic mobile garden operators for others making house calls. Americans have been trained to be impractical, produce little and spend and send money to ubiquitous networks of global companies concentrating wealth for elites. Like a Donald Trump they are in to real estate and Americans may pay them rent in a zillion forms; like big brother they are all over the networks of corporate broadcast media brainwashing American citizens, and like a Game-bling house they always win taking the majority of the evenings flow of money as a right. Networks in ATM’s taking a percent for the bank behind the variety of facade front banks that is actually a holding company owned by goodness knows who-for these holders of concentrated wealth the streets are paved with gold yet they have no sense of patriotism, or of nationalism or of preserving the security of the nation and its people within an ecologically economic context.

Thousands of networks surround the lives of American citizens and doom them to be slaves of the machine-it would be more helpful if the federal government encouraged citizens to get off the global grid and to keep their own self-interests in mind; that concerns private property, properties of meaningful democratic rights and an increasingly better, more secure standard of living in order that the ecology of the nation may become secure and the people do not find themselves transitioned into new age peons.