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When traveling, no matter who you’re traveling with, expect the unpredictable to happen. You could get in a car crash, slip on a pool deck, fall down the stairs, etc. there’s an innumerable amount of injury possibilities. This is why travelers insurance is a must if you are going out of country. Outlined below are the reasons why you should take the trouble and get it.

1) Coverage

Regular insurance may only cover you “in-country” or may have specific circumstances where you are able to claim insurance when traveling. Most insurances do not travel with you so to speak. While offering you superior coverage while in country, as soon as you leave you’re on your own. And if it does travel with you, it’s probably only minimal and or different and less than basic travelers’ insurance. You can be never be too safe so it’s always worth it since things can happen to you on the dime.

2) Expenses

It’s no secret that health care and treatments cost a fortune no matter where you’re at if you don’t have insurance. This is especially apparent in the United States where they don’t have free health care such as here in Canada. For example, to stay overnight in a hospital in America it costs around $1,000 a night minimum. This is why most people there try and avoid hospitals at all costs, and if they do go they don’t stay long because it’s just too expensive. This is a traveler’s nightmare so don’t be caught out in the open, pay the little extra for traveler’s insurance and have peace of mind that your wallet will be safe if push comes to shove.

3) Faster Service

While not having to worry about figuring out payment options, etc., before you get treated, people with health care usually get faster service. Otherwise, there could be delays in figuring this out and this could waste precious time of your trip and health.

Travel insurance is priceless. It’s an invaluable asset to have with you during any travel out of country because you just never know when something is going to happen. And if it does happen, you’ll know that you’re financially safe and won’t have to worry along with quicker service. So next time you travel, be sure to go the extra mile and get the travel insurance. You won’t be sorry you got it!