Tunisia an Emerging Investment Market

Tunisia is located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa and at only three to four hours flying distance from many European airports it is fast becoming a popular choice with overseas investors.

The country is holding its place on the list of emerging property markets. In 2005 it became possible for foreigners to own property in Tunisia so it is little wonder that the country’s economy is being given a welcome boost from those overseas investors who have already made a wise choice.

With new airports being built to service the primary tourist hot spots of Hammamet, Sousse and Port El Kantaoui (which all have enviable beaches to rival that of the Caribbean) Tunisia can provide a superb environment for investment properties that will be destined to command a rewarding rental income.

Tunisia enjoys a year-round temperate climate which allows for mild winters and cloudless blue skies all summer; it is therefore the ideal location for an overseas real estate investment that will prove lucrative and pay for itself within the space of a few short years.  Novice and experienced investors alike are confident that Tunisia provides the ideal location.

Political stability is perhaps the number one reason why investors decide upon a particular country and a healthy economy is also a major influencing factor before the hedonistic factors of sun, sand and sea can be taken into consideration. Tunisia easily ticks all the boxes and offers excellent value for money for both tourists and investors alike; in fact many people visit first as tourists and like the lifestyle so much that they decide to investors.   

Tourism is booming and Tunisia remains a popular destination for families due to the many attractions available at an affordable price. There are exclusive golf courses, theme parks, marinas and miles and miles of golden sands.

The resort of Port El Kantaoui is purpose built as is the marina area at Yasmine Hammamet; both locations offer every luxury to the visitor and many property development sites have sprung up recently to attract the overseas investor.

Although at time of writing foreigners cannot secure a Tunisian mortgage, the government is committed to future investment in tourism and is doing its utmost to improve the country’s infrastructure to support the industry. Motorways, ports and airports are being improved and extended to offer the very best in transportation.

Many budget airlines such as Jet2.com provide regular flights throughout the season from many UK airports so that Tunisia is thus the ideal choice for those investors who wish to invest in a place that is not only affordable but within reasonable travelling distance too.

Prices are still relatively inexpensive compared to other countries boasting a Mediterranean coastline but this could all change now that the shores of North Africa are being heralded as the ‘New Spain’.

Rightmove currently has 24 listings for brand new Tunisian investment property which varies from the cheapest studio apartment at a mere 25,000 GB pounds and a luxury 4 bed apartment at over 180, 00 GB pounds. Many other types of properties can be found for sale privately such as desirable seafront villas with their own pools and every conceivable luxury all at a fraction of the price the investor would find in Spain. It is also possible to purchase a more traditional Arabic home with a central courtyard, beautiful mosaics, marble fountains and architecture and myriad rooms leading off. Some homes are offered with their very own olive groves and extensive land.

Tunisia is extremely liberal in its trade policy which further improves economic growth. There is a free trade agreement with the European Union and many Tunisians are able to prosper and own their own homes. Although still classed as a developing country, poverty is on the decline and the economic climate favours both Tunisians and Investors alike.

The Real estate investor who decides to invest in Tunisia will find they have made a wise choice they will not come to regret.