UK canine charity credit cards

Well-heeled dogs who shop at the trendy Barks Fifth Avenue Dog Store love nothing more than to squeak their toy canine credit cards. Over the pond dog lovers in the UK have the option of choosing non-squeakable plastic with a charitable aim in mind, to ensure that their four legged friends benefit from their credit card spending. Credit cards with affiliations to dog charities are an excellent way of contributing to the well being of dogs, whilst also offering 0% balance transfers and direct money transfers to canine human friends.

MBNA bank issues the Dogs Trust Credit card, the card for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and the PDSA vet care card for sick and injured pets whose owners are in need of help.  The terms and conditions on each of the credit cards are standard across the board, but charitable contributions to the affiliated charities can vary. It is worth checking for the up to date status of contributions before committing, as they are subject to change.

The current terms and conditions on the Dogs Trust Credit card can be used as a guide for the almost identical terms and rates on the other two MBNA canine charity cards. The cards offer different interest rates for balance transfers, purchases, and money transfers. Within each group the interest rates are tiered depending on individual circumstances and credit.

Balance transfers are offered at 0% APR for an initial 12 months, with a 3% fee. The variable interest rate on balance transfers after 12 months is 18.9% to 26.9%. Money transfers which are also offered at 0% ARP for 12 months carry a standard variable rate of 20.9% to 27.9% after 12 months, and levy a 4% fee. The APR on purchases is a variable 18.9% to 26.9%. Cash advances are charged at 27.9% and foreign transactions at 2.99%.

Whilst the interest rates are on the high side the 12 months 0% APR on money transfers is an excellent offer to use as a means to take a very low interest 12 month loan. As with all credit card usage the cardholder benefits most if no balance is carried unless it is interest free. Selecting a card which benefits your favourite dog charity through your spending is a small bonus, and it is always worth requesting a larger donation is made on your behalf when the card is first used.