Understanding False Domestic Violence Charges

What are false domestic violence charges?  It is knowingly accusing a person of an act of violence, which they did not commit that results in the arrest of the accused.  Sadly, in many a relationships between a man and woman the man is the victim of false domestic violence charges.  Battered men do exist.

Understanding false domestic violence charges requires an understanding of the process involved.  For example, if a woman is the aggressor and the man tries to restrain her or even defend himself and accidentally causes physical damage to her, the woman becomes the victim and usually lies about what happened.

When police officers respond to domestic violence calls they are required, in many states, to make an arrest if they see signs of physical abuse; this could be a scratch, bruise or worse.  Interestingly, if the police arrive at the scene and both parties have scratches or bruises it is more likely than not that the man will be arrested.

This happens for two main reasons; most men are physically stronger than women, and in many cases, the man is automatically viewed as the aggressor.  Secondly, many women who initially attack a man do it because they are angry and lose control, when the police arrive the woman does not admit her actions.

Although, a woman may know she initiated the violence, she lies to protect herself.  False domestic violence charges are a crime, filing a false police report is illegal.  However, it is extremely hard for a man to prove his innocence, and most are punished for a crime they are, in essence, not guilty of in the first place.

Many men end up having a domestic violence charges on their record, these charges are serious and detrimental to many aspects of one’s life.  Domestic violence is wrong no matter who is the aggressor, and arresting an innocent person only increases the likeliness of the violence repeating itself.

How do false domestic violence charges increase the possibility of more violence?  If the couple stays together, there is anger, resentment and feelings of betrayal that live on deep inside the heart and mind of the person who was falsely accused.  When a woman gets away with lying about domestic violence and the man is arrested and charged, he will more than likely do some time or be on probation.

This gives the woman a sense of control; she will know she got away with being violent and abusive.  Because she knows this and that he may be on probation or face jail time if arrested again for domestic violence she will push and become more demanding and controlling.  For these reasons, the chances of repeated domestic violence are increased greatly.  No one has a right to hit, spit, push or otherwise abuse another person.