Understanding the Benefits of Amber Alerts

I want to take a second to discuss the importance of Amber Alerts, and how you can be aware of them. When I woke up one morning to find a text message on my cell, it was upsetting. It was an Amber Alert. I receive Amber Alerts in the form of text messages on my phone. You never know when you could assist in the safe return of a child. The website I found useful in receiving these alerts on my phone is www.wirelessamberalerts.org. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at anytime. You may though, have to pay for each text sent to your phone if you do not have some sort of messaging plan. Each text includes a brief description of the suspect, child or children, their ages, and the car with tag number. It also gives you a number to call in-case you see anything to report. This has been proven to be very affective in the return of missing children.

Another useful link for Amber Alerts is www.codeamber.org/. Here you can download a ticker for alerts that are on the web. You can also find more information about current alerts. If you still aren’t satisfied with the two links I have provided you with, simply type Amber Alerts into your Internet’s web browser and see what the results pull up. When I went to the site above, I was able to discover a bit more information than what the text gave me. As well as pictures of the children who are missing.

Now, what I don’t understand. Is why people subject children to things such as kidnapping. There is nothing in this world that is so important that it causes you to kidnap a child. I don’t care if you are going through a nasty divorce, and will not be getting custody of the children. Children do not deserve to be treated in that manner. Even if you are a sick pedophile, there is no reason excusable for harm to any child.

Other ways Amber Alerts are broadcast is through the media. Radio and Television stations across the US will use their EAS (emergency alert system) to broadcast these alerts. You know that annoying tone you hear that interrupts the music or your TV show? Yeah that is how they tell people about bad weather, emergencies, and missing children. Anytime a broadcasting company does a test of this system, it is so you know the sound of what could be an important message. Yes they are annoying, believe me I know. I work in radio and have to broadcast these things at various times during the week, and month.

It’s sad that that some person was thinking selfishly and abducted those kids. But even if we can’t stop people from abducting children we can help recover them.