Understanding the Benefits of Amber Alerts

Every day we hear in the news how children go missing and later they are found dead. Their age range from months old to eighteen year old and a vast number of college students (Who should be considered children)also disappear under the same circumstances.

We hear of cases that stay with us for a long time, such as the case of Samantha Runnion. I’ve never forgotten the smile of that five year old as it appeared in the news as MISSING and later found raped and dead. I was in my mid-teens teaching my toddler niece to type and I imagined the pain this little felt before leaving this world.

The girl had been playing with her friend just outside her residence, where it’s supposed to be “safe” and she was snatched from there during broad daylight with a little witness to view what happened the last time she saw her friend.

Unjust and uncalled for. We need to build fortresses around our children. We need to value life and help save them.

According to the information given by the Klass Kids Foundation, an Amber Alert is a missing child response program that utilizes the resources of law enforcement and media to notify the public (Us) when a child has been kidnapped by a predator(s).

This program turns us into instant investigators, as we think about any valuable information we might’ve seen or anything strange that might’ve happen that could lead into information that will help save this child. If the face of the child is familiar. The more investigators there are out there (The police and US), the chances of finding this child alive and unharmed increases tremendously.

Perpetrators often run away in cars with the children maybe in the trunk. But we all know how heavy traffic is, think about this…Probably, you were right next to a perpetrator who had just kidnapped a kid and while his description was given over the radio you looked at him and recognized him. You saved a life. It could happen. The world is small and we all meet each other.

I feel that everyone should pay a closer attention to Amber Alerts and take them more seriously. It should probably be a law, that every time a child is snatched around our radius, we should get Amber Alerts on our phones. Especially for the younger children who can rarely struggle against an adult with the violence that takes to kidnap a child.

I’m afraid that cases like Samantha’s happen so often and we simply need to unite and stand together as this huge community. There are more of us good ones, than there are bad ones, we are that fortress..If we all stand together perpetrators won’t have any other choice than to kidnap each other and kill each other.

And we help to save the future.