Understanding why Checks are Obsolete

The reason checks are becoming obsolete is quite simple. Technology. That’s right technology. It is much easier to use a debit card for purchases made out of your checking account. One could also use the ATM card and withdraw cash out of the account to pay his bill at the local grocer. Or, how about the credit card? Just use the plastic and make a debit transfer from your bank account. All these are simple transactions for the average consumer. What about the not so average consumer though?

Checks need to be around for these individuals. You know the ones. The little old lady down the road that gets her social security direct deposited into her account. The same old lady who can’t go to the store herself but needs to give someone money to pick her things up. You know the one, the one that if she kept cash on hand would be robbed or killed for what little bit she has.

What about the people who do not live in cities but live in very rural areas who are unable to drive but need to mail their payments in a timely fashion who can’t rely on someone showing up to take them to buy a travelers check or money order without making a late payment?

People complain about others writing checks when they have to wait in line behind them. To these individuals I say that if an extra five or ten minutes puts your schedule into such a whimsy that your inpatient’s drives you batty or at least makes you nervous and upset you need to manage your time a little more wisely.

Checks may be slower than plastic but I know a lot of people who can write a check just about as fast as a cash register can print out a receipt for you to sign when you use your credit card. And when you use that card that teller has all your information as well.

If you use the debit card then what happens if you forget to record a transaction you make? Overdrawn! The same as a checking account. You incur any and usually more excessive fees for mistakes on plastic than with a check.

I propose that the real reason checks are becoming obsolete is the fact of unsavory individuals writing them without having the funds to cover them. This has nothing to do with time or costly errors. This has to do with fraud and it is what controls much of the way we spend money. Credit card fraud is on the rise as well and if you don’t believe me check it out yourself.

Regardless of how we choose to manage our money and pay our bills there will always be someone who knows how to use it to their advantage and this keeps all forms of payment unsecured.