Understanding why Checks are Obsolete

Checks are becoming obsolete because people are becoming too caught up in the fast paced world and if they can save one minute here and one minute there, they will have accomplished something. It is a power thing. When they are stuck in line behind the older individual who does not even own a debit card, standing there complaining to others in line gives them something they might not have anywhere else – power and control.

I am proud to say I do not and will not ever own a debit card, and I am not an old person I am actually in my middle thirties. By using your debit card at the drive thru atm or atm anywhere, you are taking someone’s job away – just like the express checkouts, do not even get me started on those, look what has become of gas stations. Pretty soon there will be no human contact anywhere. Everyone will have all their payroll direct deposited and use their debit card for transactions, thus getting rid of banks all together except for maybe one human to make sure the computer is still turned on to process all these transactions.

For all of you who think the debit card is safer, it is very easy for the cashier to run the card two or three times without you realizing it. And when you write a check it is like paying with money. When you have to actually write it out or count the money, you will spend less, because you know exactly how much you have. Using a debit card, banks will still process your transaction even if you do not have enough and wow there is your overdraft charge. And to those who say it takes too long to write a check, well if you fill out everything while waiting your turn, so you can watch the prices ring up when it is your turn, all you have left to fill in is the amount.

The next time you see someone writing a check remember they probably at least know how to balance a checkbook and spell, something children and young adults of today do not know how to do. Yet more skills lost to computers doing everything for you. Happy check writing everybody.