Uninsured America

Society in Distress:

For the past few years families throughout the Nation have been enduring a critical dilemma and merely do not acknowledge the correct path to maneuver. What they are visualizing is a highway with plenty of off ramps leading into directions unknown while scratching their heads in disbelief! Recently, millions of people are living a horrible nightmare of decline of employment, high cost of living, maintaining vehicles, keeping family virtues in conjunction with harmony and the list goes on. Millions of families would love to wake up one morning and enjoy the sun rise for the first time without a cloudbank hovering over their heads! This nightmare we are all enduring is uninsured Americans!

Recent studies display a record high of 46.6 million Americans were uninsured in 2005, this was an increase of 1.3 million from the number in 2004, 45.3 million uninsured! This indeed is an incredible number to face! In 2005, this was 15.9 percent lacking health coverage and this is primarily due to erosion of employer based insurance and studies indicate this problem will multiply! Without proper benefits from employers, many of us simply can not afford full coverage and will affect our lives in general!

Uninsured individuals will have constant nightmares glaring at them on a daily basis if and when family emergencies arise. Emergencies for visits to the Emergency Room for conditions such as cures for the common cold, flu vaccinations, the flu itself, non as well as critical surgeries, going into labor, prescriptions directed by physicians. These symptoms in most cases do not require lengthy stays at the hospital. However, there are other symptoms requiring hospital stays for a long period of time; these are life threatening illnesses such as ‘Heart Attacks’, ‘Strokes’, entire nerve system breakdowns, these critical conditions require a 24 hour monitoring system and the list continues! This is just a fraction of some conditions that Americans experience everyday, 365 days in a calendar year and do not have the proper coverage or enough currency to generate to cover the medical expenses! In other words, they are facing an enormous medical expense along with other miscellaneous bills!

There are numerous methods of assistance for uninsured individuals who simply can not afford health coverage or merely going in the wrong path! These individuals can seek health coverage through many non profit organizations under low income categories! These establishments include: ‘Unison, Med Plus, Medicare, Access as well as Access Plus, and Gateway. These particular establishments will provide coverage under certain guide lines of monthly income and will provide some type of assistance whether its full or partial coverage.

When uninsured individuals seek coverage through these certain organizations, they will provide brochures with adequate information regarding how they can obtain general coverage. These brochures will display all category listings from physicians to dentist, emergency room visits to hospital care along with sufficient prescription procedures!

Hopefully, within the next few years, this astronomical number of 46.6 million will descend rapidly and 99 percent of Americans will have full or perhaps partical coverage. We need a strong America under good health coverage and continue our legacy of strong minds and will!