Uninsured Americans

There are millions of uninsured Americans. That is an alarming number. The sad fact around smaller farming communities like that I live in is that you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen and you’re given free health care. The rest of the people that are putting in their share of money from taxes are left without a bit of help from the government for their health.

One of my friends has lumps in her breasts. She can’t afford the MRI. Is it because she doesn’t work? No. She works full-time. Her job doesn’t offer health benefits. She pays taxes, yet no one will help her with a simple MRI that would help determine if she has cancer. It is something that could save her life. Does anyone care? No. Does anyone want to help? No. But, yet I have other friends who aren’t U.S. citizens, but are legal. They are able to go in for a minor cough, a scratch, an ER visit, or anything else and it’s 100% paid for by their free insurance.

Is one of my friends more important than the other? No. The system is flawed. The system sucks. The U.S. government doesn’t care about their own citizens. They care about people that come here, sometimes illegally at first, work under the table, and then expect to be taken care of along with all of their family. And I’m not bashing on immigrants. In fact that is what the U.S. is made up of, immigrants. I just think that everyone should be treated equally when it comes to health care.

I will also see people who have an Escalade, a few kids by a different dads, are Caucasian, have manicured hands and feet, designer clothes, but yet are given welfare, food stamps, and most importantly health care. Is this person more valuable than anyone else? No. Should this person have to work like the rest of us, above the table? Yes. They should have to contribute to the system like everyone else should.

The hard working single mom in the need of an MRI, the legal immigrant, and anyone else who needs health care should be able to have it. I do believe you should have to contribute to the system to use it. Otherwise, everyone would be coming here to get the free health care. And they already do in a sense, but it needs to be monitored more.

I have heard good and bad things about systems like in Canada where everyone is insured. We’re already paying the price for the uninsured immigrants, so this would only mean that the people who live here and work and pay taxes will also be able have the right to health. The system may be flawed, but at least it is equal.

Americans aren’t buying insurance if their job doesn’t offer it, because they can’t afford it or they know that insurance companies are horrible. They don’t pay for things most of the time anyways. When you really, truly need them, they will deny your claim and leave you to die. That’s the plain and honest truth.

There could be financial and personal catastrophes that could result from not having insurance. The smarter thing to do is to save your extra money and don’t pay the high premiums. Pay for your “catastrophe” that might or might not arise with cash.

The whole health care issue infuriates me like you would not even know. People are not created equal in this country. It is disgusting what this country has become. It is become a wonderful home for people who want to claim disability, work under the table, or just come over the border to live off the tax payers. The rest of the hard working people are stuck with no health insurance. And the sad part is that no one cares.