Unusual Ways to Save

Saving for the holiday’s can seem like a daunting task for many families. There are many easy, fun and great ways to save for the holiday’s without sacrificing a lot in other areas of the family budget. These great ways will help to make holiday’s special and exciting for the entire family. 

Save that change

Many people will come home after work with a pocket full of change. Put all that change into a jar or piggy bank and save it year round. Don’t spend it until the holiday’s.

Save all income from a specific source

Consider working online part time. There are many fun opportunities for working online and saving that money earned from this source can often support an entire holiday season.

Teens can save babysitting or lawn mowing money

Teens that babysit or mow lawns can save their money for their holiday gift giving. Many teens find unique ways to save money from part time jobs they create for themselves. These jobs may include birthday party planning, entrepreneurial efforts and more.

Sell things on e bay and save that money

Tired of that old collection? Take some pictures and sell it on e bay. Put the money earned into the holiday account.

Sell garden produce and save that money

In today’s economy many are turning to gardening to help the food budget. Plant a few extra rows and sell garden produce at a local farmers market or at a roadside stand.

Save all bonuses from work

Occasionally companies will give employee’s a bonus. Save that bonus for holiday spending.

Save the tax refund

For those who receive larger than normal tax refunds consider saving this money for the holidays.

Medical testing

Many medical companies will offer a small stipend if people are willing to allow themselves to be used as guinea pigs to test new medications. Medication, follow up care and a small stipend can go a long ways to saving for the holidays.

Donate plasma or blood

Take a moment and consider all of the ways to help save a life. Now go and donate some blood or plasma, earn some money for it and save someone’s life. Put the money into an account and save it for the holiday’s. 

Shop year round at sales

A bargain is a bargain. Learn to shop year round at sales and save thousands of dollars by using this method to pre plan the holiday gift giving list.

Following these ideas will help to ensure that there is plenty of money during the holiday’s for gift giving or special trips.