Us Savings Bonds value

In today’s extremely modern and technologically advanced world it’s no surprise things can be done much easier. Now if you’re like most people (and chances are you are if you’re reading this article) you own some United States Government Savings Bonds. Now the big question with owning these savings bonds is, how much interest have I earned so far? This is a very important question when deciding to cash or hold onto these bonds. Although many savings bonds are purchased with the intent to save for college education, house, or other major investment or expense it is important to look at the interest levels being earned and to figure out how to maximize these interest profits before spending the money.

Before I explain how to check this information online (which is the quickest and the easiest way) I must add a reminder that cashing bonds that have earned interest are subject to income taxes, so be sure to keep this in mind if and when you decide to spend the money. I will also add that savings bonds stop earning interest after 30 years, so if you have bonds that are 30 years old or older, it may be best to cash them and invest them in something else that is earning interest.

Now to find out the current interest level of your United States Savings Bonds, all you have to do is go to , or perform a simple Google search of US Savings Bonds, and it’ll be the first link in the list of search results. Then all you do is type in the type of bond it is (E, EE, etc) the bond’s serial number, and the date on the bond. The website will then total up all your interest you’ve earned on all the savings bonds you have entered. It will also display the interest percentage, and more. From here you can also print out these amounts if you’d like.

This is so much simpler than the old methods of either going to the bank and waiting for them to calculate it for you, or even worse, doing all the calculations yourself which can be very tiring and stressful. So if you are interested in checking the current value and other information about your United States Savings Bonds, this is definitely the fastest, easiest, and in my opinion best way to go about doing so.