Useful Tips to Reduce Big Telephone Bills

There are many ways to reduce your telephone bills. Most people have a tendency of keeping services which are underutilized. Big telephone bills have a tendency of going unnoticed when it is time to cut back on expenses. Thankfully, there are many way you can reduce your big telephone bill.

Threaten to cancel

When you call your local phone provider tell them you want to cancel and they try to retain your services with discount offers. When you receive your offer make sure you have a calculator handy. If it is better to cancel your service and sign up elsewhere then do so. Most companies value customers who have had services with them over an extended period. If you are unsuccessful with a representative then ask to speak with a manager.

Switch services

On of the easiest way to reduce your bill is to switch services. Switching services can be tricky make sure to read the fine print regarding the price after the promotional offer. Most people are suckered in with the initial rate of the service while neglecting to read what the service will charge after the promotion is finished.

End your service

They say it is good to have a land line, but with everything shift to the Internet it is better to have a cell phone. Most people do not need a land line, so if you choose to end your land line service than do so. Cell phone services tend to be cheaper because they offer prepaid plans. Cell phones offer flexibility landlines can’t such as service outside of the home. One may argue the benefits of a cordless phone, but a cordless phone has limited range. Make sure when you switch your service you read the terms and conditions for cancellation fees. Most people fail to read this section of a contract usually end having to hold on to a service longer than needed. Depending on your relationship with the service provider they may let you out of your contract with a reduced cancellation fee.


If you have your services scattered with different providers it may be cheaper to do a bundle. If you talk to the representative they may have you talk to a manager and work out a nice bundle for you. Bundle packages when negotiated correctly can be the cheaper than individual services.

There are many ways to reduce your big telephone bills. I showed you the starting line now it is your race to run! Good luck!