Useful Tips to Reduce Big Telephone Bills

There are so many ways to reduce your telephone bills. Here are a few tips:

1. If you have a cell phone, ask yourself do you need a land line? If you have a cell phone, then it’s quite possible you don’t need a cell phone. Many people say that they keep the land line for 911 purposes, but the truth is most cell phones now have GPS tracking devices or location signals that tells police and fire rescue where the phone is. Ask you cell phone dealer if your phone has this feature and save yourself your monthly land line bill.

2. If you have a land line. Keep it basic. You don’t need call waiting, caller ID or any other option if you have a cell phone also!

3. If you have a cell phone, use it sparingly. If you are being charged by the minute, do you really need to call that other person? If you do need to call, can you make it quick? Our family doesn’t have a cell phone with a plan. We have a TRACFONE and use it only for emergency purposes. We spend less than $150 a year on our cell phone charges. That is approximately $12.50 a month. Not a monthly cell phone bill either, we pay as we go. Tracfone always has deals, so you can get the units ( minutes ) pretty cheap.

4. Drop you long distance carrier and use Skype or other VOIP. You can get a headset or other cheap internet phone. Skype is $30 a YEAR for U.S. and Canada. You can make phone calls and they cost you nothing more then that $30 a year that you pay. We use this all the time and it’s great. We have almost no problems with it. Since you already pay for your computer line, this has no additional costs.

5. If you drop your long distance service, use a calling card. Many calling cards are less than 3 cents a minute! In our home, we don’t have long distance. We use Skype, but before Skype, we used calling cards. This is a inexpensive way to make calls. It also helps you limit your talk time because when the card runs out, you know you have talked a certain amount of time.

6. Make a list of who you need to call and why. Don’t spend hours gabbing….you don’t need to. Get to the point and move on. If you want to gab, write a letter and mail it for 41 cents. You can write quite a bit for 41 cents.

There are many ways to save on your phone bill. Plan and perpare for ways to save money and you will get your phone bill down! My phone bill is approx. $16.00 every month. I use skype for long distance and my tracfone for emergency on the road calls.