Using Debit Cards

Most banks issue a debit card that is linked to your personal, or business, checking account. Some even have debit cards that will allow you to access your savings account or checking account with just the one card. Debit cards are not only safe and convenient; they can also help you spend more wisely.


Debit cards work just like a credit card in most places, so if you decide to make a purchase that is more than the cash you have in your pocket, you can rely on your debit card. You can also go to any Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and remove cash from your checking account, or your savings account.

This is very convenient when you need cash for several small expenditures. If you have children that need spending cash on a Saturday afternoon for movies or amusement parks, you can withdraw the amount you need for each child and then dole it out to them.

It is much more convenient and quicker to scan a debit card at the cash register than it is to count out the cash to pay for your purchases. There is no waiting for the cashier to count out your change, and then sometimes have to wait because she realized she needs change. You needn’t worry that you have been short changed either.

Getting gas in your car is a lot more efficient when you merely slide your card through the pump, pump what you need, take your receipt, and go on your way. You do not have to go inside and wait in line. This can be a real time saver when you have small children. No need to get them all out of the car to take in with you, especially in bad weather.


Debit cards keep your hard earned money safely sitting in the bank until you need it. You do not have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash around with you. If you happen to lose your wallet or purse, you can quickly call your bank and put a stop on the debit card. If your wallet or purse contained your entire paycheck in cash, there would be little you could do to insure that you got the cash back.

Debit cards can be safely and securely used for online purchases and bill paying. Reputable sites take care to protect your card numbers and will also send an email confirmation to let you know your card has been used on their site. This will keep your card safe from hackers getting your number and using it. You will know where and when your card has been used.

Debit card transactions are usually removed from your banking account in real time, so you can view your actual account balance immediately. You will safely avoid overdrawing your account because you forgot to deduct a check you wrote yesterday. If you are out shopping, you can scan your debit card in a nearby ATM to find out exactly what is in your account.


It is good to have a debit card to help you track your spending. Every debit card purchase has a receipt attached to it. Small cash purchases may not have a receipt, and the money will just dwindle away without you having a clue where it went.

You may spend a couple bucks here and a couple bucks there without thinking much about it, if you are using cash. If you need to use your debit card, you may think twice about using it for such a small purchase that you really did not need.

The debit card will help you budget too. Some people enjoy flea markets and yard sales, but often find they end up spending more than they wanted to, or could afford. If you are carrying a lot of cash, it will quickly disappear before you realize just how fast those bargains add up.

Before you go on your flea market or yard sale trips, decide just how much you can afford to spend. Go to an ATM and remove the amount of money you have allowed yourself. Be sure to stick to the decision that when that amount has been spent, your bargain hunting is over. This too, will help you choose your purchases a little more wisely, thus helping you to save money.