Utah Dui Laws

It’s a serious offence in the United States, and Utah State respectively for drivers to drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. In this regards, when a driver is suspected and later proven that such a person drives with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or more, then that individual will be made to face the consequence of such offence. Driving under the Influence (DUI) is a very serious offence in the state of Utah and as such, the law specifies that defaulting individuals will be made to face the following charges. This includes license suspension and restored driving privileges, interlock devices, vehicle forfeiture and open container laws.

License Suspension

License suspension is carried out if suspected offenders refuse to subject their selves to a chemical test. In retrospect, Utah DUI laws specify that such person’s license should be suspended immediately for a period of 90 days before such individual is convicted. However, after conviction, the suspension placed on the license can be revoked.

Restored Driving Privileges

Utah State law on DUI frowns against the restoration of drivers driving privileges when such individuals are convicted of DUI laws. In retrospect, when offenders license are suspended, such persons will lose their driving privileges. This is to say that offenders will not be given the opportunity to restore their driving privileges for difficulty that needs the capacity to drive.

Interlock Devices

This is one of the DUI penalties that are mandatory for offenders in Utah State.  These devices are safety devices that are installed in vehicles of offenders in other to measure their alcoholic level before they will be permitted to drive. This device works by blowing air into the interlock system, thereby checking and testing the percentage of the blood alcoholic content (BAC) of individuals who are about to drive. Also, this interlocking device has being programmed to accept some specific BAC limit. However, cars remain dormant when their BAC is above the accepted limit.

Vehicle Forfeiture

 Utah state DUI law stipulates that offenders who constantly repeat the offence will be made to face a stricter penalty. In this regards, the law does not provide an avenue for offenders to give up their vehicles when found wanting.

Open Container Laws

This is the law that governs the carriage of open containers of alcohol while driving. Utah state law on DUI prohibits drivers and passengers from carrying containers of alcohol while the vehicle is moving due to the fact that it may increase their chances of driving under the influence. In this regard, the law stipulates that all open containers of alcohol must be locked up somewhere far from the reach of drivers and passengers.