View on Abortion – Yes

The debate about whether abortion is right or wrong has been long and heated. Abortion, the killing of an innocent life; that statement right there should be enough to make anyone cringe. So why do it? Some people think that because it is their body, then it should be their choice. That is what society tells us. That we should “follow our heart” and do whatever is best for you. And that abortion is a good option that is safe for you. This way of thinking is very selfish and unfair to everyone else involved, especially the baby. In my opinion, they could not be more wrong. We must honor the right to live.

The value of human life is extraordinary, something that cannot be measured, and something that everyone-including a fetus- should get the chance to experience. Having a baby is a gift from God, not a choice you get to make after it starts to form. This baby depends on its mother and is totally helpless, and it is cruel to think that people don’t want their own baby, and would have an abortion to get rid of it for their own selfish reasons. When mothers have an abortion it affects them on so many levels, emotionally and physically. They have to live with their decision for the rest of their life, and can never take back that life-changing decision they made.

There are many misconceptions about abortion. Some people think that a fetus is not human. However, a baby is a human since the day of conception and should be treated like one. Others think that abortion is physically safe. They could not be more wrong. The list of injuries and possible injuries goes on and on, but some of the most common ones are; increased rates for breast cancer, effects on future pregnancies, bladder injuries, and even failed abortion. Everyone involved with abortion is affected. The mom suffers, and the baby suffers the ultimate price without getting any say.

It also affects the baby. One living example is Gianna Jessen, a baby who survived being aborted by saline injections, not once but three times. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and was not expected to walk or crawl due to the saline injections, but that hasn’t stopped her from learning to walk. She has done physical therapy and has had a total of four surgeries.  In an interview she said, “Sometimes I fall, but I have learned how to fall gracefully after falling 19 years.” What an amazing attitude. She sees every day as a gift, and lives her life to the fullest.

 “Choose life, your mother did”.