Violators of Gun Laws Prosecuted Fullest Restricting Rights Lawful – Agree

In most cases, it has always been illegal in this country to shoot and harm or kill another being. Sometimes the laws are followed and violators are prosecuted and given sentenced by a judge. Sometimes the laws are ignored and the violators are not punished. Either way, the person who has misused a gun made a decision to aim, shoot at, and harm or kill another person. Other tools have been utilized but controlling guns has been the topic with the most heated debate.

For example, thousands of people are killed in deadly car accidents each year. In truth, cars are more harmful to human life than firearms but we continue to debate over whether or not law abiding citizens should be allowed to continue carrying firearms whereas driving a car is almost taken for granted. I have not owned anything more deadly than a shot gun in my life, but I favor owning guns because I know that a well-trained citizen with a gun is a deterrent to crime. Criminals will never stop carrying guns and most efforts at gun control do little to curb the ability of people with prior criminal histories to own weapons.

Again, there are laws on the books to prosecute people who illegally harm, maim or kill other human beings. Our legal system is all too often slow and flawed but we do have laws that clearly state that the average citizen cannot shoot another human being without just cause. In addition, many states have laws that require weapons training before a person can own or handle a gun. In my opinion, learning how to operate a weapon reduces the misuse of firearms.

As an aside, the tragic subject of violence in our schools is an issue often mentioned by outspoken gun control activists. I would argue that children in public schools should be taught to respect weapons and to always ask their parents or other person before they consider touching or handling a gun. Weapons training and handling should begin at an early age. Misuse of weapons should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And I would argue that parents who allow their minor children to misuse weapons should be prosecuted according to State and Federal statute.

In conclusion, the person who has misused a gun made a decision to aim, shoot at, and harm or kill another person. Also, there will always be criminals who seek to have the upper hand in criminal activities. A well-trained and informed gun owner is the best way to curb rising crime rates. Illegal use of any weapon should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but we should not penalize law abiding citizens who have always used a gun properly and in conjunction with the law.