Violators of Gun Laws Prosecuted Fullest Restricting Rights Lawful – Agree

The constitution of these Unites States of America allow certain rights to it’s citizens. A great many men and women have died in order to protect the rights that are outlined in that precious document. One of the rights, and the one in question here is, the right to bear arms. The citizen of this country that obeys the law concerning the ownership of weapons must never be punished for the actions of the person who does not obey the law.
Any person that violates the gun laws of this country should most certainly be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is a reasonable argument to be made that once having violated the law in this regard that the person ought to be made to forfeit the right to possess a weapon at anytime in the future. Guns are a very dangerous thing and thus the gun laws of our country are written to ensure a certain amount of control over their use. If someone demonstrates a willingness to disobey once there is no real sane reason to suspect that would not do so again in the future.
In an era such as the one in which we currently live it is important, no it’s vital, that honest, law abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families from harm. The very reason many people own guns in the first place is that so many people that have no business having them; convicted felons, thieves, rapists, terrorists, already have them. What type of mindless act of lunacy would it be to restrict those that obtain their weapons legally in order to lessen the availability of weapons to those that do not have a right to own them? It seems to me that that would simply swing the odds in the favor of those that illegally have weapons and intend to use them to cause harm to the innocent.
What follows here is a simple idea. An idea that will scare many, madden more and upset more than a few. I mean no disrespect to anyone specifically or in general by mentioning it here I simply wonder whether or not it might have made a difference. Here it is; what, I wonder, would have been the outcome of the Virginia Tech Horror if the lunatic that took it into his head to murder so many innocent people was forced to consider that every person who had not previously violated any laws of this country was packing a weapon that day? What would the death toll have shrunk to? How quickly might a law abiding, right thinking person have put an end to the nightmare? Would this miserable bit of pond scum have ever dared to begin such a thing in the first place? I think it worth considering. Don’t you? Really?