War on Drugs – No

The United States Government is run by politicians. Politicians are not doctors, very few have been real law enforcement and many of them come from privileged backgrounds. Our president, our senators, our representatives and our judges are all slightly out of focus as to what the problem, or the allure, of drugs really is. To decide for an entire populace the size of the United States requires a working knowledge of the decision that you’re making. Very, very few of the politicians in Washington have a working knowledge of any drug – and if they did, they’d be more worried about alcohol than marijuana.

Doctors know the effects of drugs. Law enforcement have experienced the effects of drugs. Teenagers, hippies, goth kids, hip hop kids, street poets and over achievers know the effects of drugs first hand. We’ve tried them, we’ve studied them, in our own ways. That’s why doctors have the power to prescribe medication, that’s why California legalized marijuana, and that’s why the drug trade will always flourish, regardless of the laws of the United States of America.

Don’t misunderstand me – I’ve seen the devastating effects of drug use, as well as experienced the highs of use myself – and I’m all for some sort of controls and monitoring on them. Unfortunately, our current policy results in far more violent deaths attributable to fairly harmless drugs than overdoses. Every night, I hear another story about another dead cop or another dead dealer. Once a month, I hear about an overdose – and even those are usually intentional misuse of prescribed medication. I’m tired of hearing about unnecessary violent deaths. I want to see people getting help for their problems, not shot for having them.

Our current system rewards cops for arresting capitalists taking advantage of a market that our skewed laws have created – and then our crooked cops re-sell the drugs to that same market and kill again. We’re breeding a system of death and disease and no one seems to realize or care about it. You may say I’m wrong on this, but I used to buy cocaine from a cop. I’ve seen the system. My friends have died for this system.

The federal government should have absolutely no jurisdiction when it comes to drug laws. Let the local governments deal with something so trivial. If we had a brain, we’d localize the industry so that we could better control what went into the drugs we’re going to take anyway. Look at it this way – If you were to use cocaine, would you prefer pure cocaine? Or would you rather snort ground glass and baking soda mixed with cocaine?

Try petitioning Uncle Sam for that right. He has no time for something so trivial. Even if you included the facts on the drug related murders, cop killings, rapes, robberies, and burglaries – Uncle Sam has bigger wars to fight, and that’s why Uncle Sam has no right making laws that are below him.