War on Drugs

Sponsoring Terrorism

The War on Terrorism IS NOT a political toy. It is a real and present danger for the civilized world and should not be used to perpetuate others ideals upon the masses. To this end let’s separate myth from fact. . .

Myth #1: Drug money supports terrorism

You’ve all seen the ads. This is the little girl who got shot by the dealer, who got paid by the user, who blah, blah, blah, or the commercial that suggests “it’s simple, no drug users – no drug dealers, no drug dealers – no drug problem. It’s not that complicated.” Jeez, people really buy that naive dreamworld rhetoric? I live in the real world – the one that saw cocaine, gin, marijuana, and now crack epidemics.

In this real world people use drugs and alcohol. But the vast majority are light, social users who use ‘lesser’ drugs to lesser degrees, drugs that are legal in some countries who – by the way – have significantly lower crime rates. The other man in the ad is right after all; the drug problem “is a complex issue” and should be sorted out in the family, spiritual, social, and medical theaters and not in legal arenas.

Removing the legal aspects in drug use (decriminalization) would render irrelevant the underground support and control of the drug trade. Some teenager smoking a joint, or old lady hitting the bottle, or some lost soul firing the glass, does not support terrorism. Terrorism is taught and cultured by Muslims in schools and Mosques to preteen boys (If that truth stings, complain to them not me. I am just a master of the obvious).

Myth #2: SUVs (gas guzzlers) support terrorism

The theory behind this myth is that moneys generated and sent to Arab countries (oil producers) wind up in the hands of terrorists. While the premise may be true, the difference between 17 MPG vehicles and 25 MPG vehicles is not sufficient to warrant the overall claim. That would be like saying 25 MPG vehicles support terrorism LESS than 17 MPG vehicles. Also, if that argument were true, what about Cadillacs, and hummers? That would also mean the rich and elite (including actors with their limos) are supporting terrorism.

And while they may be collectively obstructionary to the war on terrorism, I am personally not ready to imply they support terrorism. Plus, terrorists do not run OPEC. If Arab countries do in fact support terrorism, this is a choice they make and has nothing to do with what type of vehicle non-terrorists drive. Red herring. Did Toyota start this myth?

Fact: Paying U.S. income tax supports terrorism

The US government derives 100% of its moneys from federal income tax. Last year the US government gave billions upon billions of dollars to rogue governments and iligitimate regimes in one form of aid or another – governments like China, North Korea, and the PLO – and other proven sponsors and supporters of international terrorism.

Our government also allows the growing of poppy in Afghanistan, and does business and grants loans in Northern South America and Mexico despite unrestricted cocaine and marijuana cultivation and export to U.S. cities. It appears the so-called “war on drugs” is only a priority where globally wealthy citizens (Americans) can be persecuted (er, prosecuted) and tariff extracted.


If you really want to curtail drug proliferation and fight terrorism, don’t pay income tax.