Was it right for the Supreme Court to Ban Partial Birth Abortion

The argument that is commonly used NOT to talk about the rights and wrongs of abortion is that it is an “emotive” subject. This argument is often made as if our emotions are not somehow based on reason or on common sense, but that the purported person speaking for or against abortion is somehow deluded or speaking without any intelligence whatsoever.

This does not saying anything of course about the person’s or persons’ state of mind, who go on to make the simplistic assertion that abortion is indeed an emotive issue. Is not a democratic community entitled to debate those things that are indeed important, emotive or otherwise.

I would like to contend that anything that is of importance to any person or group of persons is emotive, otherwise who would want to debate anything that is not so fundamental or essential to our life, our sense of integrity and our sense of well being. Even the matter of the payment of taxes can be classified within category.

Let us not be naive therefore or put off by those who make this facile excuse not to discuss this highly important subject of abortion, for our views on it have serious consequences on how we look at ourselves and at humanity. Let us not be afraid to defend the rights of those persons that the law regards as non-persons and let us not be afraid to challenge any person who claims the moral high-ground in minimising human life to nothing more than a mere collection of cells.

Many a professor of genetics from Harvard University to universities across the globe recognise that human life begins at conception and at interruption of that life, for whatever reason, is infact a termination of life. This argument is not based on philosophy or religion alone; but on scientific truths seen at the molecular and cellular level.

Any person or group of persons, be they ordinary folk or men and women appointed as judges have no authority to interfere in the truths of science, philosophy and religion, otherwise they themselves are claiming a moral high ground based not on law; but on untruth and lies.

If we want to build a society on untruth and on lies, then we too will become liars and our lives will be based on a lie. Such a society will not last since it has been shown throughout of history of humankind that good does eventually over come evil.

It is the duty of those who wish to live in the truth and in the light to speak out against darkness, against evil and against the culture of death in defense of humanity and human life, for fear that if we fail, evil will have its day and if it does how terrible that will be.