Ways of Investing in Agriculture


Agriculture does not involve much risk, but involves interest and low capital. it will interest you to know that agriculture today involves production, marketing and other businesses.

In this generation most individuals do not give attention to the agricultural benefits.they believe that those involved in agriculture are farmers and they can’t generate much income from it.

I have a dream that one day the development of agriculture in world in my generation will improve by enhancing the economic situation in the world and standard of living the average individuals.

Agriculture was the first occupation in the world. but today most individuals have deviated from it since the invention of oil and gas.


First you can invest in the production of birds examples; broilers, layers e.t.c. it will interest you to know that this investment does not involve much capital to implements but requires proper management.you can purchase layers at low prices,that will produce eggs for sales,which will later yield much income continually for you compared to your capital and expenditure.in this case after much production of eggs by the layers, you can also sell the birds or layers as meat for consumptions.

Another way in which you can invest is in the production of fish.production of fish is also another interesting way of investing.you can do so by getting good land (sloppy) with good soil(clay).after that you set up your pond.
note that production of fish requires experience. the most interesting part of production of fish is earning your incomes within 5 to 7 months. you can invest in it with low capital and proper management, at the end of 5 to 7 months you will earn millions.

l am an Agricultural economist.l am involved in the production of fishes. l started with little capital as low as #150,000 naira,Nigeria currency. and now l earning more than 2million naira in 7months. l started with a thousand fingerling. l start selling when each fish weighs 2 to 3kg.

Cassava production is another way of investing in agriculture. you will agree with me today that in most country cassava is now been used as a substitute for fuel. cassava production does not involve much risk or high capital but requires good soil and management.in which it will yield high income.

There are more areas in which you can invest on agriculture. agriculture is one of the area in which you can invest with low capital,least risk and get high income.

More of how to invest is yet to come from me. because God has blessed me with lots of ideas to share to the world. and l believe that as you try to invest wisely in agriculture. you will be glad you did.

osediamen ochei
An agricultural economist,
Ambrose Alli University,