Ways to Avoid Hidden Bank Fees

Do not expect that the bank executive will tell you about every fee that your bank account may incur. Unfortunately there are many hidden fees that you will not find about until you have already been charged for them. Try the following strategies to avoid these fees.

Talk thoroughly to the bank representative when creating your account

Although you cannot always be sure that something will not remain hidden, the more questions you ask when creating your account, the more likely you are to find out about a hidden fee. Talk about the different services for which you may be charged such as online access, having too low a balance, etc. You can also ask to speak to a manager to get a second opinion on any fees.

Peruse the fine print

There may be a lot of it, and you may need to get out your glasses, but it is worthwhile to read through that fine print. That is often where the banks disclose the hidden fees that surprise so many people. You should read every single word and do not sign or agree to anything until you are certain you understand. If there appears to be some sort of fee, then inquire about it before you commit to the bank account.

Read all correspondence

Banks will often send out a notice informing you that you will now be charged for something for which you were previously not charged. Unfortunately many of them are allowed to do it, and it may be up to you to opt out of the service or you will be responsible for the fees. You may get a lot of correspondence in the form of e-mail or postal mail from your bank, and a lot of it might be “junk mail.” You might be accustomed to just throwing those away, but you should read them before doing so. One of them might talk about a new fee. When you are careful, you may catch a fee before it is too late.

Carefully look through your monthly statements

Some people do not look at their monthly statements, and they may have hidden fees of which they are not aware. You should look through every statement that you get, even if you do not expect a fee. When one shows up, call immediately.

If you find a fee, then do not be afraid to take it up with your bank. Sometimes they will remove the fee if you talk to them. Otherwise utilize the above strategies to avoid hidden bank fees.