Ways to Compare Online Credit Card Offers

When you comparison shop online for credit card offers it pays to know two main things: what your credit score is and how you intend to use a credit card to find one suitable for your needs. Your credit score is crucial as many of the best offers are only open to those with excellent credit scores so check this in advance so you know which cards you are limited to or if anything goes.

You should know what you require in a card. If you intend to carry a monthly balance then you should be primarily concerned with finding a low APR. If on the other hand you intend to never carry a balance but pay the card off in full every month then the APR is immaterial to your needs and you should look for the best cash back card or rewards card to suit you.

Those who are looking for a balance transfer card should look for the one which carries 0% ARP or a low APR for the longest introductory period. Used properly the ideal way to treat a balance transfer card is to cut it up once the balance is transferred to prevent any additional spending being added to the debt. Thus once again the actual APR after the introductory period should be of little concern if you can repay the debt in the introductory period. Fees are now pretty standard on balance transfer cards at either 3 or 4%.

If you have bad credit and are looking for a secured credit card to rebuild your credit score then look for the one with the lowest fees. It is far wiser to obtain a secured credit card than a ‘bad’ credit card as sub prime lenders do not have the best of reputations.

Once you have selected a few cards which appear to meet your needs always look further than the headline advertisement box which can be very misleading. You need to read the actual terms and conditions attached to the card to discover that the cash back you thought sounded wonderful is only applicable after you have spent $3000, or that the air miles which appeal to you have an expiration date.

Many cards advertise no annual fee but when you open the Schumer box you may discover other fees which are not advertised in the headline. The Schumer box will give full information on the card and should always be read. Most often you will need to click ‘Apply’ on the card advertisement to have access to the terms and conditions. This will not record as an active application as you are simply accessing information. Once you think you have found the card which suits you then double check by reading a few online reviews.

There are many online sites which have comparison charts of credit cards and are easy to navigate. Some good sites to search on include: