Ways to Cut Costs in going to Work

Travelling is one of the hassles of going to work. Most employees have a hard time commuting especially during rush hours. In order to cut the hassle, you may end up spending more. Sometimes you will use your car and spend on gas, or pay more for a more convenient trip. Either way you end up spending more. So what are the ways you can commute in order to keep your cash in your pockets? Here are some tips:

1.) Wake up early, stay a little late. You must wake up early in order to avoid the hassle of rushing commuters. Normally peak hours are 7 to 8 a.m, and 5 until 7 p.m. At these times, people go out for work, school, or business, and go home. Avoid the rush by being at least 30 minutes early. You can avoid lots of people, and you can also avoid traffic. You can also get to your office earlier. In going home, stay a little late in your office. Going home an hour late can spare you from traffic. Because of the rush, you may have the tendency to take a cab which is expensive. By going to work early and going home a little late, you can avoid the rush and avoid spending too much.

2.) Use the company service. Some companies have a service for their employees. These services have routes are ideal and convenient for most employees. Instead of using your car, take advantage of the company’s service. This can make you save fare and at the same time, since only employees are allowed, nobody is rushing. Though using the company’s ride doesn’t guarantee a total free fare, at least it can help you cut costs.

3.) Car pool. Another way for you to cut costs is to car pool. Car pooling is using a person’s car for a fee. You can arrange with your office mates whose car will you use and pay the owner. To be fair, everybody with a car capable enough to carry a good number of people must have their share of service. Car pooling is good because it can make everybody cut costs and it can also be a good source of income no matter how small it is.

4.) Walk or exercise. This is only applicable if your home is a reasonable distance from your workplace. Bring walking or exercise clothes and apparels to the office and walk or jog when you go home. This can immediately cut your fare by half, and at the same time is good for your health. If your home is a little far, you can consider riding a bike. However, if you ride your bike to your office, you must be sure you’ll go to work early so you’ll still have time to clean up and rest a little.