Ways to get a Bigger Tax Refund

Who does not want a bigger tax refund? Different strategies can help people increase the amount of money that they get for their refund. You should take advantage of every measure possible to maximize this number.

Find all tax deductions

There are many different tax exemptions that can bring you a greater refund on tax day. For instance, if you work from home, there are a number of tax deductions you may be able to take. For instance, you may be able to take off your computer if you use it for work purposes. Deduct office supplies and other supplies used in your business. Business meetings or travel may be deductible. If you meet clients in your home or have an area dedicated to it, then you may even be able to write off some of the cost of your actual home. You can even try to deduct gambling losses (measured against winnings).


If you have some items to donate, then this can increase the amount of your refund. This will especially worthwhile if you have an item that you do not need. Donations can add up substantially.

Get credits for education expenses

Some are eligible for a credit based on the amount of money they pay for children’s education. Make certain that you keep careful records of these.

Contributions to retirement plans

Retirement plans can be very tax beneficial. You can reduce the amount of taxable income that you have with these contributions. The retirement savers’ credit can be useful even for those that have lower incomes. Making the maximum allowable contribution to retirement plans can maximize these savings and your refund.

Capital losses

If you lost money in the stock market, you may be able to make at least some of it back through a larger tax refund. You can lower the amount of reportable income, which leads to more money back for you. There are caps on this, so find out your eligibility before selling.

If you are not familiar with the tax code and all of the ways to optimize your refund, then you may want to consider hiring an accountant. The cost of the form preparation may be more than offset by the additional tax refund you will get because of the accountant’s familiarity of money-saving strategies.

You want to do all you legally can in order to maximize your tax refund. The above strategies may help you get the refund you desire.