Ways to Invest without Paying Commission or Fees

A number of investments can have commissions or fees associated with them. However, a number of alternative investments do not require any commissions or fees. These can even be better investments than those that do have associated fees!

Let us first consider which investment types usually have a commission or fee associated with them. Overall, stocks and share investments are the ones that are most likely to require a commission of some description. These can come in various shapes and sizes, and there are variable packages; but things like stock and share Individual Saving Accounts (ISAs) in the UK will most probably require a small percentage commission on what you invest. This could be something like 5%.

However, there are still a good number of alternative potential investments to stock investing. Savings accounts are probably one of the best alternatives to these, and they can also come in various packages. In the UK there are ISA saving accounts which are tax-free saving accounts. As such, their interest rates can be better than alternative saving accounts. Saving accounts can also be instant access or may be shorter term accounts which require no withdrawals before the account closes. No saving account will require a commission or fee in relation to what is invested.

There are also various bond accounts. In the UK there are Premium Bonds which are essentially a lottery. You can invest thousands in Premium Bonds, and there are monthly draws which can return up to £1 million. In addition to this, when you close your bond holding the original investment will be returned to you. As such, there are no commissions or fees for UK Premium Bonds.

There are also various bond accounts which you will find that numerous banks also have. What is a bond account? A bond account is similar to saving accounts in some respects as they also have interest rates. However, these interest rates are usually fixed and are higher than average saving account interest rates. They require that you invest for a specific period without any withdrawals. As such, bonds can be one year, two year, three year, four year and five year bonds. They also do not require any commission or fee for the investment.

As such, bonds and saving accounts are two of the best ways to invest without any commission or free associated with them. This is especially the case when interest rates are higher than usual. With a high interest rate such investments can be more worthwhile than stock investment portfolios.