Ways to Make Extra Money Quickly

Often the need to make some fast cash requires great urgency and to an extent a sense of desperation. However there exist many options that you can consider when you have limited time to make the necessary targeted funds. The key’s to always focus on your goal amount and use different selling techniques when necessary. By defining the goal you’re creating motivation. Remember always have a reserve item that you can bring out, as and when needed, if you’re not going to reach your goal. This reserve item’s usually an expensive item such as transport or high-technology.

EBay actions or Craigslist

Selling unwanted items like DVDs, music CDs, games, furniture, old bicycles, and televisions at auction generates money fast. It will take time to get your listings on the internet, but by using eBay TurboLister you can save time. Use a combination of auction and BIN (Buy-it-Now) prices. Define local collections only for large bulky items.

Garage and car boot sales

These types of sales often remain preferable to internet auction houses such as eBay as the fees remain minimal. The absence of over-heads will not drain your profits. Your profits belong to you only.

Sell your transport

The option of selling your car should really exist as a last resort. Replacing a vehicle will require large funds at a later point. Use local shops and auto-traders to advertise your car so you receive a substantial sale price. A thought to consider after the sale, by selling your transport, you will save money that you would have used for running costs like petrol, diesel, repairs, and insurance. Keep this item until the very last moment and only sell if you’re very short of your cash goal and running out-of-time.

Selling gold and jewellery

With gold prices as they currently stand selling broken gold items and jewellery can bring a big boost to hitting your money goal. Just ensure the price you’re selling for’s realistic and always take a good second opinion. Talk to relatives or friends who have sold gold in the past and gauge their opinion.


If you have a hobby that produces an item, use this to instantly create profitable items. For example if you make jam as a hobby or walking sticks, then create a batch to sell at local garage sales, boot sales, or peoples markets. You have a garden full of flowers, then pot-out or take cuttings and sell these.


When you’re not busy selling your items you should look at quick work jobs to raise some extra cash-flow. Bar and waiting staff work’s usually in very high demand and can steadily trickle extra money towards your goal. Window washing and gardening for your local area can provide an income source too, time permitting. However if your time to reach your goal remains small this may not exist as a feasible suggestion.

Making money quickly involves identifying the amount of money needed to reach your cash target. This will give you motivation. Next consider how much time you have available and begin to plan accordingly. Save your big value assets like transport until the last moment as you may have already reached your goal before you need to sell it. Ensure the money you make while attempting to reach your goal remains free from temptation and stored in a safe place. Making money quickly can become easy. It just requires some thought, organising, and hard-work.