Ways to Make your Groceries last Longer

With the prices of grocery items continuing to increase, it is more important than ever to make the most of your grocery budget. One way to save money on groceries is to make them last longer.

Freeze to save

If you have purchased something and won’t be using the whole amount right now, consider if it is something that can be frozen and used later. Many things can be frozen such as cheeses, fruits and vegetables, meats, and breads. If you buy a loaf of bread, but don’t think you will use it very quickly, take out a few slices at a time and freeze the rest. Even some dairy items can be frozen. I have heard of people freezing milk and using later. This works good also if you find items on sale and stock up to use in the future.

Store properly

It is important to store grocery items properly to help them last longer. Many items should be kept in air tight containers to avoid getting stale. It is recommended to take fresh produce out of the plastic bags from the store.  There are chemicals in the bags that may make them spoil quicker than if they are out of the bags or put in different plastic bags.

Some items may not necessarily need to be refrigerated but may keep longer if they are. One of these items is bread, especially if it is fresh bread without preservatives. If it does go stale before you can use it, you can make croutons or bread crumbs from it.

Use it up

If you have items that are near spoiling try to find a way to use them before they do spoil. If you cook them, it may extend the usage by at least a few days.

If you have leftovers either save them for another meal or consider if there is a way to incorporate them into making something else for a future meal.

Keep whole until needed

Avoid cutting fruits and vegetables until you are ready to use them. In many cases, once you cut an item up it will shorten the life of the item. Also, remove any rotten items from your package, such as an apple or potato. If you have rotten items in with fresh items, the rotten ones may make the others spoil faster.

It is simple and takes little time to take a few steps to make your grocery items last longer.