Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home

Nowadays, both protecting our environment and taking care of our financial health are important goals to accomplish. How can we save money and reduce the energy spending at the same time? This article may tell you how to achieve your goals : 

Tip No.1 – Use a container to hold the water while you wash the fruits or vegetables.

You can reuse the water to water your flowers and other plants in the backyard.  According to the same logic, you can use a tub to hold the water you’ve used for cleaning your face and use this water to clean the floor or wash your car.

Tip No.2 – Shorten your showering time.

Of course, taking a warm bath is not a recommended option for saving money or reducing energy cost. Besides, if you normally take 15 minutes to complete your shower, try to reduce it into 10 or 8 minutes today! Turn off the water when you start to soap your body.

Tip No.3 – Eat more salad.

For preparing salad, you don’t have to consume any electricity and the water you use for washing vegetables can be reused to water your plants in the garden.

Tip No.4 Listen to radio.

Some people love to turn on the TV as soon as they arrive home, because they want to hear some sounds for avoiding feeling lonely. In fact, turning off the TV, but turning on the radio has the same effect.

Tip No.5 Sleep early and wake up early.

Turn off the lights earlier for going to bed and wake up earlier in the morning to restart your activities earlier with the natural light entering through the window.

Tip No.6 Turn down the heater.

Put a hot water bag under your blanket can warm up your body faster than putting the heater temperature higher, meanwhile the cost of warming up a bag of hot water is much lower than heating up the whole room for a whole night.

Tip No.7 Turn down the heater when you leave home.

During winter, it’s impossible not to turn on the heater when you stay at home. However, before you go outside, don’t forget to turn down the temperature.

Tip No.8 Reuse the old stuff.

You feel your towel is too old for washing face? Wait! Don’t throw it away immediately. Why don’t you use it to wash the dishes or clean the furniture?

The calendar has expired? Don’t hurry to put it into recycle bin. You can still write some notes on its back.