Ways to Save Money and Pay less when Shopping Make a Purchase Buy in Bulk keep Receipts

When shopping, it is very easy to overspend. Temptation is everywhere and it is hard to resist. However, if you follow a specific plan you will see that it is possible to save money and pay less when shopping.

Ways to save money and pay less when shopping

1. Compare prices

Before deciding to make a purchase, it is wise to compare prices to see what are the best deals for you. An online search can save you a lot of time. Look through catalogues, write notes and take some time to read them carefully so as to make an informed decision. Do not get carried away by the first  low price you happen to see. A more thorough research can show you better prices.

2. Combine orders

When purchasing stuff online, try to combine orders so as to reduce the shipping cost. If you do this regularly, you will see that you will manage to save an important amount of money.

3. Pay mostly with cash

When paying with cash, it is easier to control better the amount of money you spend on your purchases than it is when you pay with credit cards. With credit cards, you only have to pay the minimum payment each month, so it is easy to overspend.  Use only one or two credit cards and these only for special occasions, when payment in cash is not an option, such as for online purchases.

4. Shop off season

A great idea to save money when shopping, is opting to shop off season. Buy winter clothes during spring or summer and summer clothes during winter of fall. As many stores try to find a way to get rid of their stock, it is possible to stumble upon lower prices than you could ever imagine.

5. Keep receipts

Start keeping receipts from every purchase you make in a folder. At the end of each month, read them carefully and highlight the amount of money you  spent on every purchase. Identify your impulse purchases and the money you spent on them and calculate how much  you will be able to save if you stop making them.

6. Buy in bulk

Buying products that you regularly use in bulk can save you a lot of money, since not only will you purchase them at a lower price, but you will get them in a bigger quantity and therefore you will not have to hit the stores often to purchase new ones.

7. Make lists

Make lists of the things you want to buy and set up a specific price range for each and every one of them. Never hit the stores without your lists, follow them to a tee and carry with you only the exact amount of money you will need for them.

8. Avoid shopping when you are in a bad mood

When you are in a bad mood, it often happens to go shopping in an attempt to feel better. In such cases, impulse purchases are very likely to occur and as a result, overspending. Over consumption is not going to fill the voids in your life though.  Buying many expensive clothes that you do not really need, is not going to make you happy.

There are many ways to save money and pay less when shopping. Find the ones that suit you best and adopt a new and better financial lifestyle.