Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

Grocery stores are probably the store that most people visit the most often. It is also where we spend a high percentage of our monthly food budget. There are some very easy ways to save money at the grocery store that don’t include clipping coupons (even thought that is a great way to save money).

First, look at the bottom and top shelves for the best deals. Stores put the name brand and most expensive items at eye level. They also try to put things that appeal to kids at their eye levels too! Items on the lowest and highest shelf are normally the cheaper brands.

Second, check out the store brand. A lot of store brands are made in the same place that the more expensive name brands are made. It is the packaging and the name you are paying for. Compare ingredients on the labels to see how close the name brand and the store brands are. There are many store items that taste better than the name brand.

Third, sign up for the store card. Most grocery stores these days have store cards. You just go to the service desk and fill out a form. It is quick and easy and can save you a lot of money every time you are at the store.

Fourth, watch for marked down items in the stores. Most stores will mark down items that are going to expire in the next two weeks. They can’t keep them on their shelves past the expiration date but most items have months (if not years) more life in them beyond the expiration date.

Fifth, go to the meat counter and ask if they are going to mark anything down that day. I always go to the meat counter and ask about the hamburger or other meats in the counter and a lot of time I am told they are going to run a special on the fresh meat or they will cut me a deal righ then and there. They have to turn over their meats a lot quicker than those that they package and put out in the counters.

All these tips are things to keep in mind while at the grocery store. They will save you money without taking a lot more time. Grocery stores are a great place to save money and help out the monthly budget.