Ways to Save Money by Reusing Things at Home

To make the most of ways to save and budget, consider reusing everyday items around the home. Many items around the house can be used in more than one way. Thinking outside the square can produce easy ways to save money by reusing things at home and here are four simple ways to get started.

Milk Cartons

Whether they be cardboard or plastic, milk cartons can be reused to save money. One way to do this is to cut the top off the milk carton and fill the bottom part with soil. Now the milk carton has transformed into the perfect sized pot for growing seedlings. This way of saving money works two-fold; save money on pots, and benefit from beautiful plans, fruits or vegetables grown.


Continuing on with the gardening theme, newspapers also make great weed matting. Cover a garden with old newspaper sheets, then add a layer of mulch to stop weeds from taking over. This will save money on buying expensive weed matting and save time weeding in the future.

Plastic Shopping Bags

While plastic shopping bags are bad for the environment, throwing them away without attempting to reuse them will not help either. Reuse plastic shopping bags by turning them into bin liners. Although this will be a short second life for the plastic bags, it will save money on store bought bin liners.

Old Towels

Towels that are worn and have holes can be brought back to life. Cut squares out of the parts of the towels that are still intact. Once there are enough squares, sew them together patchwork style to make a brand new bath mat. Even though bath mats are not overly expensive, this will save money on purchasing one regardless. Make a fresh, new bath mat from tired, old towels and save.

There are many different ways to save money by reusing things at home. Take a look around and picture household items in a new, and possibly exciting, new light. As mentioned, anything from plastic shopping bags, old towels, milk cartons and old newspapers can be reused in a way that will save money. Reusing items around the home is also a great way to recycle and help save the environment. Giving old items new life with a little bit of effort can go a long way. So, start small and reuse one item at home to get started. Not only will this save money, but save the planet too.