Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

If you haven’t reviewed your car insurance policy in a while you could well be paying far more than you need. It always pays to review your coverage annually and comparison shop for the best deals which can easily be done online. Many people have car insurance cover yet never claim on their policies, and most people who drive carefully and don’t make a habit of making claims can find a saving on their car insurance in one way or another.

Obviously the type of car you choose to drive will have the largest impact on your insurance costs, so if you opt for the most expensive auto with flash features you will be expected to pay more than if you drive a car which is lower key and has less panache. It is something to consider when purchasing a new car and it is always worth checking auto insurance premiums before committing to an auto purchase.

One of the most surprising ways to save money on car insurance is to have an excellent credit score. Although it may seem odd that one affects the other, insurance companies are influenced by this, and work on the assumption that those who manage their finances well are also more careful in other areas of life.

They are perceived to be more careful drivers and to attend to car maintenance matters more than those who carry a low credit score. Check your credit report before applying for new insurance and see if there are any ways your score can be improved as the savings are worth having.

Another good way to reduce your premiums is to use the same insurance company for both your home and auto insurance. Combined coverage usually results in a better deal, with even more savings made if instead of paying insurance premiums monthly you opt to make one annual payment.

Keeping your driving record clean obviously influences your premiums too, as those who have clean driving records represent less of a claims liability.

You can ask your current insurer for a no claims discount if you have a clean driving record, or make sure a new insurer is aware of how long you have been driving with no claims made. If you have anti theft devices on your vehicle, or safety features, these should also qualify you for some kind of insurance discount.

List all the good points from the above which should lower your premiums and comparison shop annually for a better rate. With so many insurance companies vying for business then you ought to be able to reduce your insurance costs if one or more of the points made are applicable to you.