Ways to Save Money this Summer

Could you use a little extra money this summer?

Many people are looking to save money any way they can during the summer, especially during the challenging economy.  There are a variety of measures that one can employ during this warm season to realize the savings they seek. You may find that one of the following money-saving strategies works for you.

Save money on electricity

Many spend quite a bit of money on electricity during the summer months when the air conditioning is working full blast.  Consider turning it up a degree or two.  Sometimes you can get accustomed to a temperature and you might not even notice after a day.  Maybe you can use fans instead of the air conditioner.  Dress lighter.  Also, when you go out you might want to turn it way up.  Remember the temperature needs of your pets, medications and other such items, but you can usually turn it up a bit and see savings in energy.

There are other general ways to save on electricity.  Turn off items such as lights when you are not using them.  Update old energy-gobbling appliance with newer energy-saving models.  Do not run an entire dishwasher for a few dishes – hand wash them instead.  Hang a small laundry load instead of throwing it in the dryer.  All of these steps can save small amounts of money, which over time can become larger.

Enjoy inexpensive activities

There are many fun activities during the summer that cost very little.  For instance, a lot of people love to go swimming.  Your community might have a free or very low cost pool.  Also with the weather being so beautiful you might want to go for a hike or a picnic in the park, which is usually free or very inexpensive.  Also, you can get together with friends at each others’ houses instead of spending a lot of money out.

Save money on food

A lot of people spend a lot of money going out to eat.  Instead you can cook more.  You can often make delicious meals for a fraction of the price that you will see at restaurants.  If you do go to a restaurant, then take advantage of specials.  Look for early birds.  A lot of restaurants now have deals in which you get several courses for a low, fixed price.  You also might find coupons.  For instance, they might also send you a coupon if you join their e-mail club online.

Miscellaneous saving techniques

Try to be careful when spending on clothing.  It is a new season and you may be tempted to buy an entire new wardrobe, but consider what you already have and what you actually need.  Clip coupons and buy those cute sundresses on sale or clearance. 

There are many great ways to save money this summer.  Consider the above tips to help you conserve your funds.