Ways to Save on Movie Tickets

Going to the movies can be a fun, memorable and intimate experience whether you attend with your friends or your family. Seeing the happy smile on your child’s face as they sit and laugh through the next Disney Pixar classic or the romantic glance in your direction in your partner’s eye as a celebrity couple share a passionate kiss can make even the most costly cinema trips worthwhile, but in a world currently driven into economical crisis by debt and money woes, it is always important to plan in advance and look at means and methods of saving money on movies before you actually go. Luckily, there are countless ways that you can save money on movie tickets and still have a flawless movie experience for you and your family alike.

The easiest way of saving money on movie tickets is by doing your research before you even attend. In the United Kingdom, movie theatres such as “Cineworld” offer a monthly unlimited movie pass that can be purchased for $13.50. When you have this pass, you can see any movie that you like at any time during that one month period, which essentially means unlimited movie viewing. You could go every single night if you so desire. Every person that attends needs one of these however, but considering a regular movie ticket costs over $6.00 anyway, you and your family could save pocketfuls on movie tickets and essentially enjoy each and every movie that is released during that one month period. Such offers could make your movie viewing a regular and more worthwhile experience; always look for such offers by researching for them beforehand.

Another means of saving money on movie tickets is by choosing to go to the movie theatre at times that is not considered “prime times”. Prime time viewing is when the cinema is more crowded and therefore, such times are not difficult to figure out. It is when everyone has finished work, usually after 4pm, and on evenings when people are out with their families. By going to the movie theatre in the day before prime time viewing, you will not only find the movie theatre less crowded, but you will also be greeted by reduced ticket prices in the process. If you are considering going to the cinema but are worried about money, consider viewing the latest movies in the day rather than at prime time.

When you are actually in the cinema, you may be shocked to see the insanely overpriced cost of the amenities that are there. Popcorn, drinks, sweets and all ranges of snacks are often doubled from their street price and can therefore rack up your cinema bill even if you are saving money already on ticket prices. This can be easily combated however by fighting the cravings of such cinema food, but many will argue as to what a cinema trip is without indulging in these snacks. If you want to treat your family to the best cinema experience while watching your wallet strings, take your own snacks in a handy backpack. You can get the same style popcorn from the local supermarket and when it comes to drinks, you can quite easily make your own “cinema drink” for your family such as a milkshakes or slush drinks, something your family can look forward to as a “cinema specific”.

Saving money on movie tickets and your cinema trips does not have to be a difficult or daunting task, nor does it have to be one that involves you going out of your way simply for the sake of money. It merely involves you looking at your cinema trip responsibly and planning it rather than just turning up. Look for promotional deals in your research such as long-term ticket passes or promotional offers for you and your family, take your own snacks and cinema specific drinks and choose to view the latest and greatest movies at times when ticket prices are reduced considerably such as during the day, or on specific days, often once a week, where ticket prices are lowered. It is perfectly possible to make your cinema experience one to remember each and every time while saving money in the process. Book responsibly with your money in mind and you will surely benefit as a result while still giving yourself, your friends and your family the best cinema experience imaginable.