Ways to Save on your Car Insurance

What you do not know, could be costing you. There are many ways to save on car insurance, but it is usually up to the buyer to find these savings. Why is this? Insurance agents work on commission unless they are a new agent in a company. There are good agents and there are some that are not so deserving. This is why it is important to shop around for quotes.

If you know what discounts apply to you but an auto quote is still exaggerated, move on. Knowing your discounts can help you to quickly weed out agents who are excessively overpricing their rates. When you receive a quote that meets with your approval, it is still good to keep a watch on your policy and renewal costs. There are some legitimate reasons for slight, occasional price increases; however, renewal gouging is not one of them.

Types of Individual Related Discounts include:

*Federal and Military

*Good payer

*Group Affiliation

*Loyal Customer/Long term renewal

*Low Mileage -Miles driven to work or school (10 miles or under is the best discount.)

*Part time driver -10%, 20%, etc. when there are multiple drivers and only one or two cars. (Note: You have to be very specific on asking for this discount because it is not a “common” listing for young or middle aged drivers. Adversely, for the elderly, 25% is actually required for a driving discount by some companies, which in essence affords a certain safety sensitivity.)

*Safe Driver -1.) Accident Free at 3 and 5 years -2.) Defensive Driving Class

*Senior Driver -1.) PIP -2.) 55 and Retired

*Student Driver -1.) Grade Average B or higher -2.) Under 21 Student Resident on a campus 100 or more miles away.

Types of Car Discounts include:

*Economy car

*Farm or Ranch Vehicle (used exclusively for work on property)

*First titled new car

*Utility Vehicle (for a specific type of pick-up truck)

Types of Car Safety Feature Discounts:

*ABS (Full anti-lock braking system)

*Airbags -1.) Driver air bag -2.) Driver plus passenger air bags

*Anti-theft devices

*Automatic Daytime Running Lights

*Passive restraints or automatic restraint systems, aka seat belts. (Even if your seat belts are automatic, ask for this discount. It is not yet commonly advertised as a discount, though wearing seat belts is required by law in most of the United States.)

Types of Multiple Policy Discounts:

*Boat and car

*Car and Home

*Car and Life Insurance

*Motorcycle and car

*More than one car

*Renter’s Insurance and car

*RV and home

Any two of the above policy items combined, within a single company, are considered multiple policies.

Once you find a reasonable agent and have observed your policies and renewals, if all is well, do your best to stay with that agent. Dedication, in this case, works both ways and should prove to be mutually beneficial towards saving on your car insurance.