Ways to Spend 5 less a Day

Everyone knows it is important to put money into savings, but you may think you don’t have money to save.  Take a look at your spending for ways to save a little each day.  If you are able to save $5 a day, at the end of the year you will have over $1,800.  

If you stop on the way to the office for breakfast at a drive thru, consider grabbing something before you leave home.  Even if you don’t think cold cereal is enough, there are quick hot meals you can have ready.  Make a batch of your own “McMuffins” and keep in the freezer.  Warm in the microwave for a couple of minutes for a hot breakfast.  The same can be done with breakfast burritos and pancakes waffles.  Another reason to make your own is that you know what ingredients are in them. 

Also, consider taking your own lunch at least a few days a week.  It doesn’t have to be cold sandwiches every day.  If you cook something for dinner the evening before, make enough so there will be extras to take for lunch.  If you don’t want to eat the same thing two meals in a row, freeze the extras and take for lunch on another day.  

There may be others in your office who prefer to brown bag it and may start doing it more if others do.  Also, by taking your lunch instead of going out, you may have extra time to go for a walk during your lunch break. 

Track your spending.  Keep track of everything you spend money on for at least a week or up to a month.  At the end of the period, look at where you spend your money and see which expenses you can cut back on or cut out completely.  A dollar or two here and there may not seem like a big deal but they can add up over time. 

Do you really need that magazine or book you are considering purchasing?  If it is something you are only going to read once, consider checking them out of your public library.  Think about the trips you make to the vending machine and coffee shop.  You can save money by keeping snack size bags and healthy snacks in your desk.  Make your own coffee at home instead of stopping at the coffee shop.  If you have access to a refrigerator keep water bottles and pop in your office instead of paying the higher prices at convenience stores. 

Limit the number of trips you make to stores to reduce the temptation of impulse purchases.  Many times when people go shopping for a few things, they end up with more items in our carts.  If you go shopping as a hobby consider taking up a new hobby that doesn’t cost as much.  Instead, go walking, meet with friends or read a book. 

Find a way to save $5 a day and you will end up with over $1,800 in a year.