Ways to Spend your Income Tax Refund

Do you have a big income tax refund coming back and are looking for ways to spend your income tax money? I will be your personal income tax refund shopping assistant, free. How about buying a used car, replacing a major appliance, or paying off bills, the average income tax refund for those of us with children will cover those items.

You could have a great shopping spree and enjoy the money for the short term or you could pay bills. If you are one of the countless lower income households living week to week barely getting by that bigger, income tax refund seems like a dream come true. It is a time to replace broken things around the house, pay ahead on bills, and sleep easier for a while.

Pay off Bills
If you use that money to pay off some bills, the debt collectors will stop calling and you will be happier in the end. Spending some of your income refund on bills is a good way to spend it, and it sure beats the alternative.

Paying off bills with your income tax refund help to eliminate late fees, which is a huge benefit. When my remaining mortgage payment is equal to an income tax refund, you had better believe I would be paying it off.

Paying off your car with an income tax refund will save you hundreds of dollars in interest payments, not to mention if you are not making a car payment you can get minimal insurance. This way you are saving on auto insurance as well; this is a great way to stretch that income tax refund.

Pay ahead on bills
You could send at least $100 to $200 dollars of your income tax refund to your major household bills, such as water, sewer, electric and gas. This will free up your paycheck and allow you to save a bit and get ahead that is a Godsend when you are living week to week with no savings.

I chose amounts, which were equal to two or three monthly payments, except in the case of water and sewer. The amounts I sent to the sewer and water companies should just about pay for my yearly bills which means they are far ahead. Some of those bills have positive balance on them, which means I am not going to have to pay on them for a few months.

Replace appliances
Income tax time is the perfect time to replace those aging appliances. I am not talking about appliances that are working fine, I am speaking of those appliances, which are at least 10 years old. Many of those older appliances use more electricity to run, and replacing them will cut down on your energy bills.

There is no need to buy brand new top of the line appliances for your home when used ones from a local company will work just fine. I went to my local appliance store and purchased a nice used stove.
I bought a nice used kitchen stove that is a replacement for one that my grandfather purchased in 1984 two years before he passed on. My new stove has four working burners and is computerized 3-year-old stove, that must have cost someone at least double what I paid.

I had no specific requirements other then it was white and was less then the $400 that I had budgeted for it and I got a white whirlpool. Now I can bake in my oven and the first night we had some baked pork chops, oh how I had missed them. It was the best $234.00 I have spent thus far of my income tax refund.

We all need some excitement and happiness within our lives, so go ahead and go on a small shopping spree to celebrate. Buy a new outfit for everyone in the family and go out to dinner. Women will enjoy going to the salon and getting a hair cut, color, or style with their income tax refund.

Be sure to grab something for the children that you normally would not buy such as bicycles or a gaming system. This will not only make them happy, they will be occupied and not saying hey mom I want a new whatever the item may be. Since the kids are occupied you as the parent will have time to sit and relax, and that is the best way to spend your income tax refund in my humble opinion.