Weird Things that can be Bought in Bulk

Especially in the post global financial crisis economy, people are looking to save money in any way they can. A great idea for people looking to save money is to buy in bulk. There are many things that people already know they can buy in bulk, such as cartons of cigarettes instead of individual packs, or buying a larger package of Kleenex since it is cheaper per tissue. However, there are many weird things that can be bought in bulk. This article intends to explore the many unconventional or weird things that can be bought in bulk.


According to HowStuffWorks, condoms are an excellent item that should be bought in bulk. They did a price comparison on condoms and found that “a recent price comparison revealed that a pack of three Trojan-Enz condoms sells at retail for about $5.99, or about $1.99 per condom [source:]. Condoms generally don’t expire until four or five years after they are manufactured, so they likely won’t go to waste [source: Trojan Condoms].”


According to, diapers are another great but weird thing that can be bought in bulk. If you go to a discount supermarket chain or club shopping site, you can surely find that when buying a larger quantity, better deals are available. Finding a deal on diapers is especially important for young families as a new child can bring a severe financial burden to any family.


Websites like Grays wine auctions or Dan Murphy’s in Australia provide excellent discounts when people buy cases of wine or bottles of alcohol. If you are having a party or are certain that you will drink a particular type of alcohol in the future, you should stock up as this can bring you some great discounts. If you are unable to find a discount online, try contacting a wholesaler in your area or go into the local shop and see if they can give you a discount on your purchase. After all, it never hurts to ask.

It is clear that there are many conventional items that can be bought in bulk. However, if you are really keen to save money, you should also consider the weird things that can be bought in bulk. With the increased prevalence of online shopping and the global economy, there is no reason why you can’t save money by purchasing just about anything in bulk, even items you would consider to be weird.