Welfare Drug Testing – Yes

OK, here is my full opinion. Welfare is highly abused. I see this all the time. I personally know a few people on welfare. Does everyone I know abuse it. NO, Does it happen, I believe all the time. I can’t count the many times I have been at the grocery store and observed the people pulling out their food stamp cards and paying for their named brand foods. Steaks and everything you could think of. People who work such as me and my wife have to live on the “off brands”. Now to the Drug Testing.

I believe that people on Welfare should have to be tested. Is everyone on Welfare on drugs, NO. Any place I have ever worked in my life first thing I had to do when I got offered a job was to go down to the doctors office, that the Employer picked, and pee in a cup. Why did I do this. Because I enjoy having a little money in my pocket. If I were to say I am not going to go get tested. The Human Resource person would say well I’m sorry sir, we can not offer you the job today.

People on welfare should be tested because this is their job in a matter of speaking. If a person wants to be on welfare you have to except this or get turned down from work. America needs to wake up and start cracking down on these government programs. I am all for helping people out in a time of need. I got laid off for a while and was glad I was able to get unemployment for a short time. I know what it is like to need the help. But there should be a time limit for welfare as well as restrictions, such as Drug testing. 

I have seen people who just do not want to work because they just want to have babies and get free money. But life is not that simple. Me and my wife would like to have kids. But right now we can not afford them. So we are waiting and paying off debt so we can have money to raise our children the way they deserve to be raised. Not by government money. But by hard earned money.

I know a girl that has two little boys, the fathers are two different men and she is not with either of the dads any more. She refuses to work and why wouldn’t she when the government is paying all her bills. I am pretty sure this girl is not on drugs. I think she should be tested for drugs though and I think the government should look into her matter.