West Virginia Auto Insurance

West Virginia drivers must carry auto insurance on their vehicle at all times in order to comply with the state’s Financial Responsibility law. The state has set forth minimum amounts of coverage that must be carried on the vehicle before the car is allowed to be registered.

State laws require a policy that includes $10,000 in Property damage coverage; this coverage is the amount the auto insurance is willing to pay for repairs for damages caused by an accident. Bodily Injury coverage is also required, with a minimum policy amount of $20,000($40,000 maximum). Bodily injury coverage pays for death and medical costs of the third party involved in the accident. $40,000 is the maximum amount payable for all parties involved in the accident. These amounts are only minimum amounts, and you can choose to increase the coverage limits if you choose.

It is a crime to drive without auto insurance in West Virginia, even if your coverage lapses. Penalties for breaking the auto insurance law can include stiff fines, the suspension of your driving privileges, and the loss of your vehicle registration. Although insurance verification is provided through the DMV, proof of insurance must be carried in the vehicle at all times. Proof includes an insurance identification card or letter provided by the insurance agency. 

Collision coverage is not required by the state, but always a good idea to carry on your vehicle. Vehicles under lease may be required by the finance company to carry collision insurance while the vehicle is under lease. Collision coverage pays for damages to your personal vehicle for an at fault accident. $20,000 is the minimum amount of collision coverage recommended to carry.

Shopping for the state required auto insurance or one of the many additional coverage choices, it is always a good idea to shop around before you decide which company to choose. A minimum of 3 quotes from different insurance companies is recommended. With the Internet, it is quick and easy to get no obligation quotes. A site such as www.dmv.org/westvirginiacan offer free quotes from the top insurance agencies in your area in a matter of minutes. Comparing rates from various auto insurance agencies will ensure you are getting reliable service at the best rates around.West Virginia drivers pay an average of $874 yearly in auto insurance premiums, though many things can affect the rate you will receive. Things such as age, type of vehicle, driving record, credit score, and type of vehicle being insured are considered when determining the premium.