What about the Cash for Clunkers Program

The True Clunkers Vying for Our Cash

The true clunkers vying for our cash are the self-centered, ecological hypocrites that simply would not accomplish this transition on their own. In lieu of placing their personal efforts toward what they proclaim to be a honorable endeavor, they bait a societal concern with tripe drenched in cheep perfume. Unfortunately the masses, busy with the concerns of daily strife, have little time or resources to properly investigate every ponzi scheme the government concocts. However, we always seem to have an unfair share of hypocrites looking for a free ride.

Purchasing vehicles that provide a needed service with a minimum of impact is a good thing, my vehicle easily obtains 32mpg, throwing away perfectly good machinery with the suggestion that somehow you have helped ecologically is ludicrous. But then of course, if they (the clunkers) were actually concerned about anything other than themselves, they would have done “the right thing” to begin with. As noted by their actions prior to being paid, they didn’t. As a country we have continuously acted as though natural resources were unlimited, we are the throw away society of the world, this only helps to reinforce that perception. It also enhances the concept of a society that is increasingly becoming more drone in nature.

It has always been the individual pride of our citizenry, that has forwarded the health and wealth of our country. It has been the understanding that charity can not be obtained, unless something is produced. If I gave you ten dollars to put into a charity basket, what makes you think you gave ten dollars to charity? If I paid for your new car, what gives you the right to suggest that you care for the environment? Physical handicaps that render us as invalids are unfortunate and deserving of our care, personal actions that equate to being invalid, are reprehensible and deserving of our ire. It is not only time for us as individuals to stop asking others to pay our way, it is also time for us to start castigating the rabble that seeks to use our moral ethics against us. “There are those who deserve no measure, or recompense in turn, for theirs is but deceit to accomplish what they yearn!”

If you believe in something, be proud enough to do something about it yourself, don’t wait for the easy ride (given to you by others) to parade yourself as a crusader of change. I suggest that more respect can be given to opponents that are honest in their convictions, than could ever be given to those who’s commitment to feeding the whole of society, is a pacifier of deciet. I for one will find it extremely difficult (if not impossible), to value the decision of any ‘clunker’ who stole my money and my trust.