What Americans could Learn from the Worlds Poorest Countries

Americans tend to think that if you are not making at least 50,000 dollars a year, you are poor. However, there are some countries where making 50,000 dollars might take several lifetimes. Americans are lucky that we have such a high standard of living and take for granted things like shelter and food. What could we learn from those who live in countries that have very little?

The first thing we can learn from them is that having a lot of stuff isn’t important. Having a family that loves you, shelter each night and food on a regular basis is all we really need to survive. The fancy cars and gadgets are nice, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted as something we desperately need.

Those that live in areas with little resources tend to be harder workers. We could learn from those people that it takes hard work to be successful. There are no trust funds or rich parents for the majority of third world citizens. They have to go out everyday and get whatever they can to survive. imagine if Americans were willing to work 16 hours a day for what they really wanted without complaining.

When you have very little, you tend to live a simpler life. You don’t need to go play four different sports, go to dinner in fancy restaurants and then go to the midnight movie. Instead of all that, you learn to use your imagination, take what the land gives you and make your own entertainment. That can actually be more fun at times. You also learn to appreciate what you have around you when that is all you have to work with. 

Lastly, those in other countries would probably kill for the chance to go to school and make a living. School is a blessing for those in the poorest countries, so they eagerly learn everything that they can. An education is seen as a lifeline to something better, not just a hassle that they have to get up early to go to. 

Americans have a lot of great qualities, but sometimes we take everything we have for granted, or aren’t appreciative of what we have. Instead of trying to build the biggest house on the block, or eat the most expensive food, we should just take stock of what we have and realize that there are millions who don’t have that opportunity.