What are Short Term Health Benefits


Before going any further first answer these questions honestly, are you and/or your happy healthy with out any pre-existing conditions and currently you have no health insurance, then you might qualify for short term medical benefits. These are plans that have low monthly premiums because you have to be healthy and for persons under the age of 65 who are with out health benefits.

Why do I need any insurance at all if I am healthy? The answer is the same for all insurance plans be it automobile, life and health. You may be the best driver in the world and someone slams into you and you don’t have auto insurance you are stuck footing the bill. What if something happens to you or your family, then what?

Are short term health benefits right for me? If you are someone who had just lost their job or perhaps you will be starting a new job or work part time then short term health insurance might be the answer. Many plans offered are on a month by month basis meaning you can cancel a lot easier then with other plans. If you lost your job, chances are you lost your insurance unless you want to pay for COBRA which can be very expensive. Remember short term medical benefits are those who are healthy and have no pre existing conditions.

This is a great option for persons who changed jobs, it can take a month or more for benefits to kick in from the new employer at least you will still have coverage. Many of these plans don’t pay for routine check ups and pap smears and of the like. Short term medical benefits are for those who are healthy but don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis and like having some kind of protection for the unknown.

Another group of people that might be interested in short term health insurance are those who just turned 18 and will not be attending college or those who are 21 and graduated college. These groups formerly known as dependants lose their health benefits from their parents when they are no longer dependants. If you fall into this age group, it is wise to start looking for health benefits before you lose your parents health insurance.

If you are close to 65 and lost your job or no longer have health insurance, you too might want to consider short term health benefits. This can give you a peace of mind until you can apply for Medicare.

Short term health insurance is for those who are changing some aspect of their lives maybe some is quitting their job to go back to school and work at a part time job. Maybe some lost their job due to lay offs or other economic factors. Health insurance is something no one should be with out because you just never know what will happen to you or you family in the next minute or next week. Short term health benefits help bridge a health insurance gap for a short amount of time.