What does it take to be a Millionaire

Those who are rich started on their path to success with one thing the rest don’t have, which is the belief that it is possible to become a millionaire. The millionaire mindset embraces the power of positive thinking. They envision their goals and then go about achieving them while others only dream of winning the lottery.

Part of what prompts millionaires into action is that they are obsessive by nature. They are not easily distracted or discouraged, but rather they will focus intently on their aspirations, spending long hours researching and creating a solid business plan. They give little attention to the possibility of failure and forge ahead, sometimes sacrificing friendships and time with family members. Procrastination is a deadly sin in the mind of a millionaire. They are hard workers. Some claim to have put in between 12 to 18 hours a day during the early stages of their career. Millionaires don’t wait for the right moment to take control of their lives. Millionaires make the moment and live by the motto, “No time like the present.”

Another quality millionaires possess is a thick skin. Most entrepreneurs say they were laughed at more than once when they were struggling to get their business off the ground.  They persevered because they realized success is not quick to come by and settled in for the long haul, relying on their own confidence to steer them through times of doubt. Mistakes are seen as a chance to learn.

Naturally, millionaires must have skills or talent in their chosen field, but they are always open to gaining new knowledge and are very aware and critical of their own shortcomings. They understand it isn’t feasible to grow a business if they are not constantly growing as a person.  In order to counteract their weaknesses, it is not uncommon for them to invite a partner aboard to ensure all bases are covered.

Perhaps the most important thing millionaires have is passion. They love what they are doing, enough so to dedicate a large portion of their waking hours to it. The average millionaire tried many ventures before finding the one he or she would stick with, possibly explaining why most don’t see their first million until they are in their mid-fifties. It can take years to build a fortune. Money isn’t enough motivation to do what it takes to succeed. If you want to become a millionaire, ask yourself what it is you love to do, then simply go do it.